Advantages and disadvantages of e-shopping

With the development and revolutionising of internet, there are several products of internet that is making human life easier. Online shopping is one such product of the development of internet which is helping people to handle their fast lives. Online shopping is a fastly growing line of business which is of great help to a lot of people. However, every good thing has something bad, it is inevitable. Online shopping is no exception. You need to understand that there are advantages and disadvantages to online shopping and these have some influence on the economy of the country.

Advantages of online shopping

One of the greatest advantages of online shopping is you can do it from the comfort of your house or even amidst of your work. You have so many different online shopping stores who will be offering great deals on items at a discounted price! You can instantly compare the price of an item between different online shopping sites. If you are an introvert, online shopping is a personal gift to you since you will not have to go to shops and deal with crowds or strangers asking you what you want. If you want anything from hit man to batman, you can buy them online, but the sites and the net you will search in will be different. Online shopping is not hugely interested in taxes, shipping and delivery charges. This means you will be able to save a large amount of money. Other advantages of online shopping are that shops are never closed which means you can shop at your own convenience. You can use it to send gifts to loved ones who live far away. You will not be facing any sales pressure or third party shopper who is just coming into your purchase with their ideas. You do not have to worry about nosy people. This is your private shop for making discreet purchases!

Disadvantages of online shopping

You are being a selfish person because online shopping means the things has to be packed and parcelled as well as they have to transported. These are not environmental friendly ideas. There is always a chance of shipping delay or problems or even your product being lost before delivery. Moreover, there are too many online fraud stories or scams which you might fall victim to.

In conclusions, it can be seen that online shopping is a new and upcoming field which people need time to understand and get used to. Since, a majority of people use online shopping, taxes should be imposed on them in some way whereby the government is not losing money.

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