Frequently asked questions about maternity clothes

Here at Peach Mama, we love to help women who are planning on getting pregnant or who are pregnant while you keep in touch with your sense of fashion.

There are so many mothers and soon-to-be mothers have many frequently asked questions about what to do and what not to do. In order to help you help with all the dilemmas and the questions, here are some frequently asked questions about what to wear, breastfeeding dresses online or even clothes during pre and during pregnancy.

Can I use my regular clothes over maternity clothes during pregnancy?

The answer is no and yes. You will not have to use all your savings to buy maternity clothes and shoes. The most important thing to do is to decide which clothing article from the current stash you can use and what you will need to buy for the pregnancy. You can mix and match your regular clothes with your maternity clothes and still look great. But ensure that you do not wear your regular clothes, which are tight, which might make it uncomfortable for you for the next nine month.

What are the must have for maternity?

There isn’t a set list of clothes that you must have but here are a few things that you can have in your wardrobe such as leggings, long layering tanks, maxi dresses and wrap around skirts.

Tight clothes or loose clothes?

When you wear tight clothes, it might be very uncomfortable for you. You will be feeling nauseous and indigestion will happen often during the first trimester, which means that you will need to be as comfortable as possible. Loose clothes will help you get around easily and also make you feel very comfortable.

What can I wear to work during stage one, two and three?

  • Stage one – You can begin by starting to wear looser maternity tops with some maternity leggings. These leggings are ideal because even if your body changes you will constantly be ale to wear them as must as you want.
  • Stage two – You will need to wear maternity dresses and maybe even add a chunky cardigan to make yourself look demure and still show your baby bump as well.
  • Stage three – This is the stage after your baby is born. You will need to wear certain tops that will help you breast feed your infant easily.

You can purchase clothes for stage two and three both at the same time and save yourself some time.

Remember to keep yourself relaxed during all nine months and you will be able to get through easily.

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