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Your tuition includes all necessary equipment and supplies needed to complete the Tattoo Training.   You will receive personal attention with our knowledgeable and experienced instructors.  All teaching is hands on, you can think of it as "on-the-job-training".  You will learn the necessary procedures to be proficient in your chosen field of trade in a shop setting.  Students have the flexibility of setting their own schedule based on our hours of operation.

In addition to affordable pricing, we now offer payment arrangements with a minimum down payment. 

Our Tattoo Course is an 32 week course for $6,599.  The equipment you receive is yours to keep at the end of the course.  In addition to one on one instruction, students will receive certification and supplies for use during the entire course.

Out of state students must have tuition paid prior to start date, and the course will be a 2-week course.  Out of state students will be taught on a very intense structure of 8-hour days, plus required homework at night. 

The following are a few pictures from current and former instructors and students.

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